Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Truly Blessed Tuesday: On the Ethiopian Front

We have felt Truly Blessed over the past few weeks!
Your prayers for our family here and in Ethiopia,
and prayers for all the adoptive families and children
who need to get home, have been overwhelming and God has given us His peace!

We received word yesterday (from a adoptive mom who just returned from Ethiopia)
that MOWA was working through the weekend to get the 800+ case load of court appointments that were scheduled prior to March 10th.

So please keep those prayers coming! 

Also, please pray for our boys health.
We received word that chicken pox is making it's way through the Care Center.


And, just sayin' from the photos I received yesterday, 
from a traveling family,
I think the little kids will be running this house.
Though we have a crazy house most of the time -
when the boys come home -
we may have to define our house more of a 
But believe me we felt so good to see boys being silly 
and especially see Donovan in a group of kids playing with bubbles. (he usually seems to be a loaner)

Soooo wish I could show you our boys!  
We'll see them soon and we'll pass court and 
then I will show them off!!!


Kim K. said...

I'm anxious to see your pictures of your boys too. Continued prayers heading your way!!

Kathy said...

Such a blessing to receive
new pics of your boys!
Praying things keep moving!


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