Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Truly Blessed Tuesday: Body of Christ

We have been blessed with a church body who not only is 
excited that we are following God's call to adopt,
but they ask questions,
they pray for us,
they cry with us,
they babysit for us,
they share God's money with us.

I have many friends in the adoption community who do not have this support.
So my request today is -
if you have adopted, haven't adopted,
never see yourself adopting -
that is all fine - 
but please reach out and give an adoptive parent 
a hug.
Bring them a meal when they bring their treasure home,
pray with them,
sit a spell with them,
please just support them! 

Adoption and transition can be difficult!
Please lets just be there for each other -
not only for adoptive families but 
in everything!
(but today my heart goes out to some adoptive families 
who have not received the support needed.)

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