Friday, March 25, 2011

Barking up a new tree

With the adoptions of Jorja and Jailyn we didn't worry about meeting their birth parents because...
that is unknown.
We think of them often and wonder,
but have never even thought that we would ever meet them.

Ethiopia adoptions are different.

After we pass court we will possibly meet their birth parents.

This is such a new emotional ride for us,

With so many questions.

We know our boys father was put in the position to have to relinquish his boys due to poverty, but ohhhh how his heart must break every day for them.
His wife died,
and then he had to say "good-bye" to two of his boys.
I can't imagine his pain.

We are unable to give him any gifts or money -
because it could be considered child trafficking.

What questions do I ask him?

What will he want to know about us?

 Will he want to see photos of our home,
where his children will be making their new home?

When we send photo updates of the boys through
our agency -
will he really get them?

What can I do for him to show him how much I love him and his boys.

Seriously, if any of you have any ideas please let me know!
I haven't been able to sleep this week because this man
has been weighing on my heart and mind,
and I just don't know what to do!


Shonni said...

I have met a few of my children's birth parent and am so glad for that gift.
I will try to email you latter, or if you want to email me
Then I can share more.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Can you give him a photo album of your family? For him to keep?

Kim K. said...

I love the idea of a photo album. What a blessing that Shonni can help you navigate this too.

Diane said...

I would suggest at least a couple pictures of your family and your home, maybe the boys' room. I would also encourage you to write a short letter to him acknowledging his love for his boys plus your determination to be the awesome parents you are. If you have the opportunity to take a picture of you and the boys and give that to him, that will be good too. You don't know if he even has current pictures of them.

Naomi said...

My initial thought is show him respect. Respect can be shown at a first or only meeting. It does not come off as false or insincere (like flattery can be). Respect is so important.

But, how to show it? Hmmm.

Do you know if he consistently sees the boys now? Do you know if he is expected to walk away and never be in touch, or would letters be allowed?

I did not know you would be in contact and these are just my off the cuff thoughts.

More to pray for!


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