Thursday, February 24, 2011


Sometimes God brings a special person in your life,
one that you just get along with 
from that first meeting.

One who you can chat with for hours!
Even if you haven't spoken for months!

You know what I'm talking about!

One such friend of mine
I met through the wonderful world of blogs!

And last year,
I invited myself and family to her church 
and home for Orphan Sunday.

(I actually invited myself into the homes of both these beautiful ladies - 
but today we're talking about Anita and her family)

(Anita and her daughter Kaylin are in the middle of this crazy group!)
(the men were the photographers!)

They live about 4 hours away in Oklahoma,
so we will not be able to join them tonight -
though it did cross my mind! 
(but since I'm not a good night driver -
I re-thank the idea)

Anyway, my friend Anita and Mark are raising funds
to bring home their beautiful little boy from China!

And tonight they are having a Spaghetti dinner fundraiser
they are also have a Give-Away of 2 Visa gift cards going on!
The give away will be ending on March 1st.

Please help my friends in whatever way you can!


Anita said...

Ah you got me in tears!! Thank you so very much! I love you too!! We're due for another meet-up!! HUGS!

Kim K. said...

It's such a small world when it comes to adoption. Anita and I found each other years ago because our daughter's share the same heart condition. I've been excited about her upcoming adoption. How wonderful that you've been able to get together in the past.


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