Monday, January 31, 2011

"you can't love a stranger"

This is what Jorja told me the other day.

Though we try to instill "stranger danger" to our kids -
I also want to teach them that it is okay to open your hearts.

As I explained to her how technically she was a stranger to us 2 years ago,
we loved her as our daughter!
We cherished every photo we received of her,
we held on to every update we were blessed with 
and we cried ourselves to sleep 
as we missed her more and more every day 
until she was finally in our arms!

She began to understand.
"Like I love Donovan and Elijah?
I never see them alive - 
but I love my brothers!"

"Yes, sweet girl!
Like we love Donovan and Elijah!"
We have been blessed with photos and word from traveling parents who have recently met our boys.  
Every word is precious and every photo brings tears to my eyes and many emotions as we continue to wait to hold them. 

As we wait we are incredibly thankful for the wonderful care that they are receiving.


Kim K. said...

Such a heartfelt post. I can't wait to follow your next journey.

Courtney Holder said...

I guess that's the story of so many adoptive families -- falling in love with strangers. it's a beautiful thing.


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