Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: Introducing our New Year's Eve baby!

Cause a new member of our family is
just what we need!

a.k.a. The Cuteness
(ohhhh it's so hard to get 7 people
to agree on one name!)
But how could we resist this face?

Tickle! Tickle! Tickle!

It was love at first sight!

Well, for everyone but Cosmo -
he is doing much better now.
I'm sure they will be best friends soon! 

I'm sure Holly will keep us entertained while we 
wait for news from Ethiopia 
as to when we can make our first trip to 
meet our boys and 
have our court date. 

Happy New Year to y'all!

Ni Hao Y'all


Our Beaten Path said...

Oh my goodness...what a cutie!

Kim K. said...

Awwww...she's adorable. I'll have to hide this post from Emma. She continues to show us pictures from the animal shelter every day.

Anita said...

What a PERFECT name for an adorable Christmas puppy!! We've just been talking recently how we've been "dog" less for a bit now. Honestly, it's been nice as we've always had a dog and know now is not the time. Not yet anyway!! :) Enjoy that new sweet member of the family! Happy New Year my friends!

prechrswife said...

Too cute!

Stefanie said...

Positively irresistible!
That makes for one VERY memorable New Year's Eve :)

Sophie said...

Aww, congratulations, too cute!

Anonymous said...
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