Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's all about me!

I can share with y'all about how we have been blessed 
by adoption.
And how we believe that God commands all believers
to care for the orphan.

God has placed the orphan on our hearts.
He has prepared us while we were young 
for what He is doing with us now.

So tell me, why do I still so often say,

"It's all about me!"

There are things that I continue to fight God about.
I can pray,
"Here I am send me"
when it's somewhere I want to go-
what if it's somewhere I DON'T want to go?

Am I still willing to go?

I hate to admit, but,
I have not been totally willing,
nor completely surrendered.

I have been struggling,
I have been fearful
I am
Not listening,
Not obeying,
Not relying on Him to provide -
instead I find myself
 telling Him that I am not equipped.

Jeremiah 32:37
"I am the Lord,
the God of all mankind.
Is anything too hard for me?"

(pictures of Jorja, in this post - 
cause' she is soooo much cuter then I!) 

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