Friday, January 7, 2011

Healing for my girls - when I wasn't looking!

On New Year's Eve we surprised the girls with a visit to a friends and her puppies that they were giving away.
As we wait for our boys to come home adding a four legged family member does not exactly sound like the most sane thing to do.  (I agree)  But, it just seemed right, even Bryan didn't fight the idea.
The big kids were of course loving the idea.

But, besides fun and a cuddly sweet thing - 
who knew what else this puppy would bring.

Though I'm not sure if Sasha  will build up any leg muscles,
as she is carried everywhere!
(okay- name change #one hundred and sixty seven! -
I think everyone agrees with this name! - Sasha Holly)

One day,
Sasha was outside, basking in the warmth of the sun.

Jailyn came running to me,
heart broken she shared with me,
"Mommy Sasha is sad."

"Really? Why do you think she is sad?"

Jailyn answered,
"Cause she had to say goodbye to her
birth mommy."

I was speechless.

Jailyn continued,
"Her mommy couldn't take care of her though - 
so it's good that we adopted her.
She will be happy.
It's just hard sometimes when you join 
a new family."

Can I say again,

Jorja heard Jailyn's conversation 
and added her take on adoption.
"Sasha will be loved here,
she has our whole family to take care of her,
and teach her
that's what families do."

Yes babies!!!
That is what families do!
Love each other unconditionally and
work together to help 
us be all God wants us to be.

Who knew this sweet puppy would 
play such a big part in our
daughters healing process'.


Kim K. said...

Puppy love is just the best. Emma is extremely jealous of your furry baby. Have a wonderful weekend loving up your newest family member.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! What smart girls you have.


Jay said...

I don't love it when you make me cry, Sis. But I do love this post. Thanks.

Jay said...

...but Sasha Holly?

Jodi said...

Our girls are wise aren't they? :) Yes, Jay - Sasha Holly - we named her Holly at first because we got her from our friends the Holladay's over Christmas holiday - but she really isn't a "Holly". We finally all agreed on "Sasha" - course Jailyn is totally confused on her name now - she called her "Russia" last night! Maybe we will adopt from Russia next! :) Tee! Hee!


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