Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When she bleeds

When we first saw Jorja's face on Lifeline's Waiting Child list.

What a beautiful little girl.

and such a huge smile!

Why is she still waiting?

We then saw her special need

Hep b+

We didn't know anything about Hep B+

If we adopted this little girl, with Hep B+
what precautions we would have to take.
Having a full house already, 
would her body liquids infect someone else in the family? 

What if Jailyn and her shared a tooth brush?

What if she was on a play date and
she got hurt and bleed? 
Would she infect a friend? 
How would we deal with this?

Legally we wouldn't have to disclose her condition to anyone,
but is that really how we would live?  
Hiding her condition?

Our physician helped us research and prepare for her arrival.

We were ready and willing.

When we got settled at home,
we had her blood tested.
And guess what?

NO Hep B+!

Jorja has had a few scrapes since she has come home.
Every time she bleeds,
I thank God for healing her. 
For bringing her home to us and
comforting our fears of her "condition".

Don't let your fears stand between you and God's plan!


Kim K. said...

I have several friends who have adopted Hep B+ children and they'd do it all over again. That was one of the needs that we were open to. What a miracle for your daughter.

PS. Love the new blog header. It's gorgeous!

Anita said...

Praising God with you that Jorja has been healed....or maybe never had it?? Do you know which Jodi? We gotta talk one of these days about Hep B then! :)

And yes...the colors are beautiful...though I loved the black & white, too!! :)

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

Sarah is Hep B+. I hope God does heal her. But it really isn't such a big deal either. I would do it again if my husband would let me. And I love the blog header too!

Shonni said...

Great encouragement!

Kat said...

What a beautiful testimony to God's healing and ALSO how God is so much bigger than any "special need". Awesome!

Jodi said...

Anita, we don't know if Jorja actually ever was Hep B+ or if her test was a false positive. This past year she had an upper respiratory infection, unknown to us, until her body broke out in a rash and she ended up with Henoch- Schonlein Purpura which is a disorder caused by an overzealous immune responding to infection. Interesting!
God is amazing!


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