Friday, December 31, 2010

Two more weeks!

Of family time and being in our own little world
is what I want this New Year!

I'm in denial!
I don't want reality and
the crazies to set in!

We have had so much fun this break!
The kids have stayed up way to late -
and have slept to noon too many times!

But this Christmas break will go down
in the record books as one of the best!

Brady will be off to college in another
year and a half -
so we are cherishing these times!

And we loved game night last night!

Team Blue pulled away with a early lead

But, Team Red played a slow methodical game
and won in the very last second.

Can you guess what one of our family 
Christmas gifts were? 
Here's a few more hints...

and Kenzie's work of Art -
she calls it

Men in their Natural State

We're all having a great time learning how to play with it
but need a lot of help!

What's your guess?


Kim K. said...

Wii? I'm not ready for our break to come to end either. We're gearing up for game night at our house this evening. Have a wonderful New Year!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I second the vote for a Wii...

Happy New Year!

ameybc said...

I'm gonna say a camera :) Happy New Year!

Daisy Dreams said...

I'm not ready for my girls to go back to school either :(

Love the game night! Sounds like a lot fo fun!


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