Friday, December 24, 2010


Seventeen years ago,
my parents were very excited to become
for the first time! 

Our due date was Dec 16th.
Bryan was scheduled to leave on a 3 month deployment
on Dec 30th.
Bryan had worked all night on the 23rd.
He would get off work at noon,
so we decided to bring my parents to 
the Naval base and take them on a quick 
tour on his submarine.

Well, when we arrived to the submarine,
I had to pull Bryan away and tell him that I was in labor.
Contractions were about 8 minutes apart -
but were consistent.
My parents had no idea.
(Since I was over due - my Dad wouldn't let me out of his sight -
and wouldn't let us be more then 15 miles from the hospital!)

While on the tour,
some guys were joking with me that they could pull out the operation table,
and deliver the baby there. 
Bryan and I giggled, 
secretly thinking - "you have no idea!"

After the tour,
my Dad suggested we go out for some lunch.
This sounded like a great idea to us, 
as we knew we were going to have a long night.

We ran home and got my over night bag,
and met mom and dad at a Pizza Hut.
Through the meal I would tap Bryan on the leg 
at the beginning and end of each contraction.
Bryan timed the contractions through out the meal.

At the end of the meal,
my Dad, jokingly said,
"Well, maybe y'all should go to the hospital."
Bryan said,
"Yeah, we're gonna head there now."

I thought my parents were going to faint.

After a long, long night!
Our little Christmas morning present arrived! 

10 lbs 1 oz.
our first born son, Brady! 
(wish I had a scanner so I could show y'all what
our little guy looked like 17 years ago)

Seventeen years later,
6 foot 2 1/2 inches
little Brady!

I couldn't be any prouder of the man 
my little guy is becoming! 

Happy Birthday Pumpkin head!


Jay said...

Happy Birthday, Goof. Thanks for bringing joy into our lives for 17 years.

Naomi said...

Ten Pounds!

My respect for you just increased another ten-fold!

Jodi said...

Yes, Naomi - and natural child birth! yahoo!!!


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