Monday, December 27, 2010


Have you ever been in a situation when you are waiting to hear

Results that could change the way you look at life.
Results that could change your daily routine.
Results that may be nothing

and all your worries were wasted energy.
We are awaiting results like this.

We know and trust that God is in control 
and know that His timing and plan is perfect.

So, we are choosing to cling to Him!

And know that we ask for His will to be our will.

So hear we are -
cherishing every day like we should,
thanking God for this bump in the road 
that reminds us to rely on Him,
and know that He is in charge of our lives.

And incredibly thankful to say -
once again God has blessed us!
Result from health tests have come back clear of Cancer.
Can I get an Amen?
Looks like I am super duper (medical term I'm sure) low on iron though -
(could be why I'm always running out of energy!)
I will be receiving iron infusions for the iron deficiency,
praying God will use this treatment to fix my broken body!
And praying that God has placed me in this great 
Dr.'s office twice a week for 2 hours to 
be a light to someone there for Him. 


Chris said...

Glad the test results came back clear of cancer!

How scary, though!

Can't wait to hear how much energy will have now {after those iron treatments}! lol!!!

Praise god for such wonderful news!

Daisy Dreams said...

Waiting is so scary...SO happy to read the good news though! YAY!!!


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