Thursday, November 4, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

make lemonade! 

Though life has not given us lemons -
Jailyn decided that we needed
to make some 
fresh squeezed lemonade.

And of course,
this needed to be a family affair!

We are truly blessed 
to be able to see the world through 
little people eyes again! 

and of course,
every lemonade party 
deserves it's guests to come dressed up!


(don't ya love Jorja's 3 pony tails!)

and remember tonight is the drawing for
the Truly Blessed Tee give-away!
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Kim K. said...

Looks delicious! I totally agree about how simple everyday moments become fresh through little people's eyes again. I LOVE that.

Anita said...

Oh man...we just might have to clear out the kitchen and make lemonade on Sunday!! :) Kaylin has been wanting to make "real" lemonade for awhile now! Can't wait to get my arms around you guys!!

Jay said...

Makes me so thirsty!


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