Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sacrifices made

So I just received an email with a heart wrenching story
that happens all to often.

An agency is looking for a family 
for a healthy 6 year old girl 
who is depressed and withdrawn
because she wants a family 
of her own
so terribly bad.

She has two older sisters,
the agency first tried to place them
as a sibling group - 
but because of the older children's 
special needs and ages
they were unable to find an adoptive family for them.

Her 12 year old sister has 
had to make a major adult decision.
Allowing her younger sister to be 
placed on a single child listing.
Giving her better odds to be adopted.

What an incredible big sister -
to give up hope of her own family 
so that her sister can have a forever home.
I can not imagine the hurt that these 
sisters have already gone through.
Both of their parents are deceased and 
their Uncle could no longer care for them. 
And now,
they will grow up on separate continents.
Praying for a family for all these girls.

If you would like to learn more about these children
please contact Sharon at Children's Hope International

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