Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3.) Provide for their needs.

(again this is from the Hope for the Orphans
Ten Ways to Help the Orphan list)

If a brother or sister is without clothing 
and in need of daily food, 
and one of you says to them, 
“Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,”
and yet you do not give them 
what is necessary for their body, 
what use is that?
—James 2:15-16

This time of the year this seems to be an easy task.
Organizations are collecting 
canned food, blankets, clothing...

Find an organization in your area 
that will serve the orphans and windows.

Our neighbors run the local Salvation Army.
The other day my friend came over
to tell me that the people who normally
do Meals on Wheels 
have decided not to do it this Thanksgiving.
We are talking about hundreds of shut-ins 
who may not receive dinner on Thanksgiving.

If you are local and would be interested in
helping us 
help the shut-ins,
please leave a comment or email me.
I will be getting more information from my neighbor
as to what plans are being made. 

If you don't know where you can get involved
here are some great ideas:

this week they are taking up shoe boxes for Christmas!
If you have an idea of how people can help
the orphans,
please leave a comment!

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