Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who is "B"

I have received numerous comments and questions about my previous post 21 months and still hurting.
Who is "B"? Is one of the questions.

Well, as much as we have been told from Jorja, B is a teenager that she knew from the orphanage.  It seems he did not treat the little kids nicely.)

The "Momma Bear" wants to take a trip half way around the world and go off on him for hurting my little girl!
But, when I really think about the pain that has been felt -
his pain is as real as Jorja's pain.
But, thankfully Jorja now has a family of her own and
is learning how to love.
I have had to explain to Jorja that he doesn't know better.
And rather then being mad at him
we have to pray for him.
An orphan himself, he has never knew the love of a family.
He has never learned that he doesn't need to treat others poorly
in order to make himself feel good.

The new worldwide orphan statistics have risen to 163 million.
More children living on the streets,
no toys to play with,
no one to hold them,
no one to dry their tears.
No one to teach them how to love.

What are we going to do about this?

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