Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last Thursday night, after we drove 15 hours to Iowa,
and dropped off got the teenagers settled in to their college weekend visit.  
We headed to our hotel.
We finally got ourselves settled in at about 11pm. 
I was exhausted!   
Jailyn and Jorja, not so much! 

So, I told them that I had a BIG surprise for them in the morning,
if they were good and went to bed for me.  
Thankfully, they were good - 
since their surprise was coming no matter what! 

In the morning, while they still slept,
I got up and pulled out their clothes for the day.  
I had an extra matching shirt.
They were totally confused!
I told them that it was for their surprise.  
That was a clue. 
Without hesitation Jailyn guessed that we were going to see Evelyn 
(Jorja's BFF from China). 

Jorja first stood there in disbelief!
After explaining to her a little more she -
ran around the room screaming!!! 
She was so excited!!!

"I miss my friend!!!!! She's my friend!!!! I miss my friend!!!!"

We had to wait a while for Ev and her mom, Dee, to arrive. 
So we kept ourselves entertained with a game of ping-pong 
and some modeling!

When they arrived we spent a few hours in the hotel pool! 
Reconnecting and just being girls! 
It was a great afternoon!
 (I knew Ev was taller then Jorja - but wow!!!)

 BFF Always!!!
Ev and Jorja are so cute with their glasses!
Jailyn enjoyed every moment too! 

For a month or so now, Jorja has been asking about Evelyn. 
Asking if she is okay,
writing letters to her and drawing her pictures. 

After Ev and Dee left us, Jorja and I had a nice chat about the day.
She said she felt much better that Ev's momma is a nice lady. 
And that Ev is doing good and 
that her hair is growing long. 

She said it is okay that they live far away, 
because we can visit again. 
Yes, I'm sure we will visit again! 
Another step in these girls healing.


Kim K. said...

Love the matching shirts. How wonderful that you have the ability to get the girls together.

Anita said...

So touching and heartfelt from Jorja!! Can't fully comprehend what it's like for her to see her friend like that and for her to be concerned about her so much...definitely a healing time!! And how CUTE with the matching shirts and modeling...great idea!! :)


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