Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quick update on One Love!

We were truly blessed by the old friends, and new friends who 
attended our "One Love" concert last night! 

I am still speechless by the attendance 
that we received. 
Everyone who helped from musicians to t-shirt sales 
were incredible! 
(and especially our sound guy!)

We had a wonderful time spending the evening 
discussing our sons, 
and the other 143 million orphans.

Our friends were very generous and 
we raised $1000 to help bring our sons home.
But, even more importantly God 
was praised last night! 

Thank you to all of you who prayed with us.

(Since our camera decided not to cooperate -
I don't have many photos -
but hope to get some from friends who's cameras
didn't have attitude problems! )


Anita said...

I've been waiting to read your update this morning and am thrilled to hear how the Lord used it to share about orphan needs as well as help to bring your boys home!! :) Praising HIM with your family!!

Kim K. said...

What a wonderful turnout! I'm so happy for your family. Have a blessed week!


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