Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Love Tee's!

Yesterday was spent going over my lists for the concert  
 And making signs and such!

Raffle $1 a ticket!
One Love Tee's $15!
Face Painting!
Though, I was getting a bit nervous as
our box of shirts had not arrived yet.

But then came the knock on the door!

We couldn't wait to open it up! 
Aren't they cool!

As I looked at the shirts,
pulling sizes for people who had already put in an order,
I began to tear up!

I miss my boys!

Sometimes, through the adoption process and all the paperwork, 
the idea of raising a child gets put on the back burner.  
And sometimes, I get this overwhelming response to ask God 
"Really?  Why?"

And He always answers me
with a peace that only He can give.
We know these boys are going to be amazing!
God has something wonderful planned for their lives!
And we are so thankful that 
He has asked us to be part of His plan.


Jay said...

Good looking shirt, Great looking model!

Jodi said...

He is a cutie patootie isn't he!


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