Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you can't afford it - then don't do it!

"If you can't afford the adoption fee's, then how are you going to afford more children?"

We hear this question often.  It sounds harsh but we do hear it - and I have heard people ask it of other adoptive parents. 

It does have a truth to it, and we never saw ourselves 4 years ago ever needing to do so many fund raisers.  But then again, we didn't see ourselves on a third and fourth adoption either!   But, God had a different plan for our lives.

Bryan and I are both admit that we are control freaks.  (Thankfully, with 20 years of marriage under our belt we know how to work with each other, and use our control issues for the common good.)

Through the adoption process we have had to rely on God's provision.  We have had to trust Him to show himself and have asked for his daily encouragement.  Because really, who has $20,000 - $25,000 just lying around?  Not me!

And He has proven himself, and will continue to do so!

I must admit - watching God at work is much more fun then stressing about everything!

Along with fundraising, our family is also cutting back in many ways.  We are not only trying to save money for our adoption, but trying to cut back so when our sons get home we will not go over our monthly budget.
As parents we try not to rock our kids world, too much!  Gradually cutting back is a good way to help them (and us) prepare for the arrival and daily expense of two more kiddos!

So, please don't be offended by people who are fund raising to help them bring their precious children home.  Please be supportive!  God is taking us places that we never thought we would go - and, fund raising is often part of that process - swallowing pride and asking for help!

Many of the blogs listed on my side bar have fund raisers going on now - check them out - there is some great Christmas present ideas!!

Check these out!
APurpose Driven Life
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JOY Unspeakable

For locals, we would love to invite you to our fun One Love Concert on Friday, October 8th 7-9pm!
This will be a fun time to spend with your family and ours! Enjoying good music together and learning more about how we need to speak up for the fatherless!
It'll be a great family night!
If you are unable to attend our fun night, but would like to help us reach our goal - feel free to use our Chip-In on our sidebar.
Thank you! 


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I thought for sure I had an extra $25K lying around, but I can't seem to find it!!! Maybe it's under the floormats of that new car I can't find either!!!! Good luck!

Anita said...

AMEN!! Thanks for sharing Jodi! :)


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