Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday evening Deadline!

This deadline was no match for God!


I was in awe this last few days,
as numerous fellow bloggers added 
this sweet girls photo to their blogs,
to their facebook pages,
emailing friends and families 
about her!

And her family found her! 
I truly am not surprised -
rather, I am encouraged! 

Will this sweet girl ever know how
many people have prayed for her?

As I struggle,
and ask God what He wants 
our family to do for Him,
this latest adoption story 
helps encourage me.

I know God can move mountains
for His plan.

I am unsettled today,
and was unable to rest last night -
There are millions of other children sitting -
unable to share the joy of family,
unable to run through the sprinklers with a sibling,
will never hear the question,
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Their place in the world will be a 
homeless person, 
or sold into prostitution.

Their photos and personal information sit 
on someones desk -
no one is looking at her file,
no one cares about him,
no one is praying for them.
For a year - pray for the entire world.
Pray for the Fatherless,
the unwanted and unloved.

Do this and see where God leads.

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