Friday, August 13, 2010

Ohhh that evil donut store!

So, I have finally begun a new exercise program!  Yes, I have been getting my fat booty up in the morning to go walking.  The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful walking buddy, who makes the exercise time go faster and we have a spring in our step.
But there is one thing that seems to get in our way sometimes...   Donut Bliss!  Though we haven't stopped we are tempted by the sweet smells as we pass by.  Some mornings I can just taste that chocolate glaze - oh, yeah!!!

What a sin - to stop by the donut store as I am trying to get into shape and change those habits. 
But, I do have a choice.
Will I have the strength to keep walking, or should I call it a day and stop in and see my friends at the donut shop?  (scary that the owners of the donut shop are "friends")
My friends at the donut shop give us free donuts - if I cheat - no one will know!!!

This makes me think of my spiritual walk with Christ.  As I walk through the day, do I keep focused on the end price? or am I willing to make a poor choice and give in to sin? 
Am I going to visit my old friends like selfishness, and anger to help me through the day - or will I lean on my heavenly father to help me these times?
I can turn on my "spiritual act" and not really be in love with Christ - and no one will know.

To be truly in love with Christ, I should only want to spend more time with him, praise him and obey him.

Even if the world thinks I'm crazy!

I have to examine myself and ask:
Is that how I am living?
Do I have the crazy love that He asks of me?
Am I willing to give up control?
I don't want to be the lukewarm Christian that goes to church on Sunday, has her kids involved in Youth Group and may teach a Sunday school class here and there -
I want to be ALL for Christ!
I want to be in love with Christ like nothing I've ever experienced -
and when I am in love with Christ I will not be tempted by the donut stores in life.

James 1:22
Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.


Kim K. said...

Oh...I completely understand those temptations. It's so hard to do the "right" thing when it comes to diet and exercise. How unfair to have friends who have a donut shop!! Beautifully written post.

Mel30teague said...

Love it. Falling more in love with Christ everyday should be so easy but yet it is so hard. Well written.


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