Monday, August 23, 2010

Let the chaos begin!!


Three alarms set for the first day of school 

None of our alarms went off this morning -
all us turned them off in our sleep!

Sooo, no first morning of school photos -
we will have to wait til this afternoon!

Can't believe I have a Junior, Freshman,
and Middle schooler!
and two at home! 
and waiting for a phone call to day 
and hopefully be able to see our
newest son(s) pictures today!

We are soooo blessed!  


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Seriously, your referral? I know you get the pic very early in the process (unlike China), but how cool!

Theresa said...

Our power went off last night for 4 hours, and none of the plug-in alarms went off. Maybe yours too? I heard it was pretty widespread. Fortunately, I set my cellphone alarm. Hope tomorrow is better!!

Jodi said...

Thanks for looking on the bright side Theresa! Thinking it was just our stupidity though! :)

Jodi said...

still waiting for photos and files!!! I hate this stage of adoption!!!

Kim K. said...

What a way to start off the first day of school. Eek! I hope the rest of the day went smoother. I can't wait to see your referral picture!!


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