Monday, August 16, 2010


Because it seems that the request I made to our United States government has fallen on deaf ears, and I wont be getting my request of an additional four hours to each day. 
I am having to discontinue making our "Sweet and Sassy" dresses.

For me, sewing is so relaxing!  And I love sharing these dresses with friends, but
the fall is quickly approaching with school, and every activity that goes with that,
and home schooling Jorja and Jailyn, along with their activities too. 
I am truly trying to simplify my life and though we still need funds for our adoption fees
(lots and lots of funds!) I believe that God will supply our needs as I focus more on family!

Rather then having a huge sale - we have decided to donate the dresses to some very precious families in our home town that live in government housing.  We will pray that these dresses will help their daughters feel good about themselves and that they will hold their heads high, and that they will know that they are special, and that they are loved!

Thank you to all of you who have supported our fund raising efforts! 

Our Truly Blessed are still hot sale items! As women and girls love to share the joy and
blessing that we have received from the Lord. And we have added more colors to choose from!
So, if you would like a specific color let me know!

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