Friday, July 23, 2010

While we were in Colorado...

We were able to meet two blog celebrities! 

I love their blogs and new they lived
somewhat near my mom's house -
and they were so sweet to 
meet us at a neighborhood park!

We had a great time!
And they were such an encouragement to me!

Their blogs are beautiful,
but more importantly,
they are beautiful ladies 
with beautiful families!

Thank you so much April and Shonni for
taking the time to come see me. 
I'm so thankful when blog friends 
become real life friends!

Beautiful Ladies!
(and is Keshawn not the cutest little guy?)

After the mommies took photos - the kids wanted to take
photos too!
Garrett took this one! 
(Garrett is such a sweet, cuddly boy!)
The whole gang!  
Hopefully when we get together again there will be a 
bunch more kiddos!


Shonni said...

Yes, it was so fun to see you too!!! Thank you for contacting us so that we could meet up. I loved meeting you and your little girls!!!

Kim K. said...

it is so nice to meet felow bloggers in person. We just did the exact same thing in georgia.

Dee said...

Look at all those wonderful kiddos. I am bit behond on my blog reading.
Where are the wonderful kids adopted from? We are trying to make a plan for #2 and God just has not told us yet where she is!


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