Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Our laundry is done, 
our car is cleaned out,
pantry and refrigerator 
is re-stocked,
 lawn, that was wayyyy to long,
is cut - 
things are getting back to normal -

but I am still unsettled.

because I have so much stuff.
I have a pillow to lay my head on,
I have couches and chairs,
I have food in my refrigerator,
but there are so 143 million orphans that 
don't have any of these luxuries.

I am extremely thankful for all 
God has blessed us with,
but I still stop thinking of what else I 
need to do to help 
the fatherless.

We enjoyed watching the World Cup,
but I couldn't stop thinking about the
child trafficking that goes on for events like that!
How many children had been uprooted 
from the street they knew- 
to be abused?

Unsettled because I'm not sure what else
God has planned for us.

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Kim K. said...

Thinking of you. Hugs.


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