Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Man!

The man behind all this blog! 

I know I don't write about him much,
nor do I post many photos of him,

I promise there is a very good man
who leads are beautiful family.

When I began blogging, 
the purpose was to keep friends and family
informed of our adoption of Jailyn
and then of Jorja, all our family and friends
no Bryan so I didn't say much about him.

But, now I have bloggy friends 
who don't know my better half.

So, let me introduce my man!

Bryan is a very busy man!
He is an engineer with a company in town,
unfortunately he doesn't work at the two plants that are closest
to our home, so his commute is
longer then we would like.

He is also Commander in the US Navy Reserves
(kinda handsome,eh?)
He has his 20 years in so this commitment may be
over soon.

Any free time he has you will find him on
the soccer field with kids around him.
Bryan coaches 3 teams,
and loves each kids that plays for him.
(Hoping for a trophy today at her championship game!)

Bryan loves to spend time with our kids.
Though he's not home as often as we would like,
he loves to take over the bedtime rituals with
the little girls. 
(I promise this is not a bed time ritual!)
 or on the off chance that we don't have a soccer game -
he's ready to play!

A hard working, wonderful man that deserves 
a very Happy Father's Day!

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