Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guest Room gone bye-bye

I used to enjoy being the hostess with the mostest!
(okay, probably not the "mostest")

When we had two kids, we had a nice guest room,
decorated with handmade quilts, antique nightstands. 
Sometimes I would even be found in there for some quiet time.

Then came baby 3...
and there went the official guest room.
No big deal - we still had the queen bed set up in Conner's room,
we just moved him out when we had company.
(And he loves sleeping with mommy - so every one was happy.)

When we thought we were done having babies...
Surprise... baby 4!
God had other plans for us and into our hearts came Jailyn.
Queen bed stayed in Conner's room,
but Dad's office had to be moved to the dining room so that Jailyn had
a room with doors on it.
So, now we only have one table in the kitchen for eating, school projects,
art projects, home schooling...

#5 came into our hearts and home without much change.
Crib out of Jailyn's room, 
in came two toddler beds (thankful Jorja at 6 years old still wears 4T -
so she still fits in a toddler bed).

Conner decided he was at the age that he needed a bunk bed.
Little boy sleep overs seem to go better with bunk beds.

Out went the queen bed.

So now the queen bed is stored on the wall of our media room,
and can be placed on the floor of any of the kids rooms easily.

Thankfully our guests so far have been easy going and just thankful for a 
mattress on the floor.

Ohhh, how I miss the days of being able to put my guests up in their own room.
and how I miss having a dining table that we can use to entertain, 
or do projects and schooling with ease.

But really, that is my selfish side...
giving up the guest room and my dining room for these two little faces -
is more then worth it! 

Looks like there will be some more rooms flipped 
with our next kiddo -
but thankfully everyone is on board,
and willing to bunk! 


Kim K. said...

Our guest room is now my craft room. I totally understand the mattress on the floor hospitality. We've been known to kick Emma out of her room for guests. Nothing like bunking with a toddler!! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

You still are the hostess with the mostest. It's the company not the accomodations. Also, if it were not for number four we wouldn't have met.


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Sounds like our house -- it's been topsy-turvy for the last 2 years. A and A share a room and sleep in bunks.


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