Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adoption changed my life

God has changed our lives through adoption.

When we began the process of adopting Jailyn,
we knew there were millions of orphans,
we believed that every child deserves a family,
we knew that God called us to adopt our 4th child,

what we didn't know
was how much our life we would be changed.

We wanted a sister for Kenzie.
I grew up with three big brothers,
great big brothers - but I always wanted a sister,
And I wanted to give Kenzie this gift too.

God led us to adopt from China,
and their Special Needs program.
Against the advise of our Social Worker we moved forward,
and found Jailyn.

Our lives have been changed forever.

Like many other adoption stories,
we feel in love with her face,
and then her touch,
and as we bonded as family,
we began to love her personality,
and just who she is.

Our journey to China, included a lot of reading
about orphans and orphanages.
We sought out new friends who were on the same journey.
Our hearts were educated on the real need for the orphan.
The lack of care that is provided for these children.
The realistic hopelessness that is the future of these children if
their forever family never finds them.

Walking into Jailyn's orphanage changed me forever.
The kids were in their cribs ready for nap time.
It broke my heart that Jailyn had been taken away from
her crib two days prior to our visit, and her crib already
had another child occupy it.

Leaving China with Jailyn, was bittersweet.
I knew we would be back, and though our Social Worker
advised against it -
(do you see a pattern?)
I knew that our next child was already born,
she/he was some where in China,
and we were leaving her/him behind.
We still felt empty.

Months later, we saw her face,
that incredibly, huge smile! 
And the paperwork began.
A year later we met our daughter Jorja.

And a few days after holding her -
we visited her orphanage.
Again, to be changed forever. 
We visited her room, some kids were waiting for Jorja
to come say hi, some were left in their cribs.
We couldn't get a smile out of any of them.
Jorja passed out candy,
but the six kids with cleft lip couldn't have any.
Again, my heart was completely shattered!

Really, these kids are not asking for much!
All they want is someone to hug them,
someone to protect them,
someone to love them unconditionally.

Yes, we have a big family, and it's getting bigger.
And yes, we have to live very frugally. 
And yes, we have to so "no" to many activities.
But, God asked us to say, "yes" to him and to Jailyn and Jorja,
and we did.
And He will provide with the rest.
Yes, some days are harder then others.
But, some days are sooo much fun I can hardly contain the laughter.
(actually, who am I kidding - I just let it out! Snort! Snort!)

I guess the point to this post is...
if you have every said, 
"I always wanted to adopt..."
or "We've discussed adoption before..."
or "I wish I had done that when I was in my 30's..."
Please, go to God.  
Is He still asking you to step out in faith?
Ask Him again, don't be afraid.

We're not young,
we're not special,
but we would never go back to a family of 5!  
We love each of our children,
but adopting has changed our lives! 
And the lives of Jailyn, Jorja,
Brady, Kenzie and Conner!
Changed our lives for the better!


Kim K. said...

What a beautifully written post. I would have never ever guessed how much adoption would change our family for the better. Truly life changing.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

My words exactly -- well, maybe not exactly, but take a look...

Sara W. said...



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