Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday

I love this kid!
It's been a joy to be his Mom!
Watching and helping this goofy kid...

Grow into the young man that he is today!
I am Truly Blessed!

I love to watch him play with his siblings!
(He's always willing to start up a game with them)

I love to listen into his adult conversations!
(he invites me to listen- 
or he just talks loud and
doesn't care who is listening!)

I love that he loves Jesus!
I love to watch him sign Praise and Worship
songs at church!
(He's finishing up his first year of ASL,
and loves it!)

And wants the world to know!
(This photo is from a life changing trip 
to Guatemala last year -
This year he is excited to attend a 
servant leader training camp and then Jr. Counsel 
at a camp in Colorado!
and serve the kids in town during VBS) 

I love that he loves his siblings!

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

What an incredible young man you are raising. You have reasons to be proud. Your package was sent out in the mail this morning on my way to work. Have fun crafting!!


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