Thursday, April 15, 2010


If you have followed my blog for a while you will know 
that I have pretty much stay away from political talk.  
I like having a happy, little corner of the world!

But, I just can't over this! 

I'm sure y'all know about the little boy who was returned to Russia 
by his adoptive parent.  
There are many opinions on this issue.

Our local news had a text poll a few days ago:

Did this mother do the right thing sending her son back?
Yes - 25%
No - 75%
I was shocked when I saw that 25% thought this was okay.

Believe me, I don't agree with what she did! 

But, I can also understand being frustrated,
Feeling alone,
feeling like a failure,
and not knowing what to do when things get bad.
I agree, I love my adopted children 
as I do my biological children.
But, when an older child comes to your home and into your life
with many institutionalized behaviors 
it is not the same as bringing home a baby who may be colicy.

My request is that we not bad mouth this 
mother/family but pray for her/them.
I thought I heard in one report that she has 
another adoptive child, pray for this child.  
I pray that child does not worry about being sent back.
I pray for this little boy, 
oh the hurt he has suffered before being adopted and
How many times has this little guy been abandoned?

There are better ways to handle a disruptive adoption, 
sometimes a family is used in a child's life as 
stepping stone to get to their forever family.
Yes, this can be heart wrenching - 
but better then the alternative.

and I wish this family would have looked 
into better ways to handle this.

I wish this family had called their agency,
or their social worker.
I wish they had a support group 
that they could have felt honest with.

This incident makes me think how important it is to support each other -
through the good times and the bad times!

I am praying that Russia does not close down adoptions because of this.
There are thousands of children waiting for their families.
Many have already met their each other. 

There are 147 million orphans around the world. 
All are suffering, all are in need of love.

If this incident angers you,
so should the fact that there are so many children 
who do not have a bed to sleep on,

who do not have a piece of bread to eat,

who do not have clean drinking water.

Now is time to do something about it!
Don't let this little boys story go away without touching you personally!

If you don't believe that you can personally adopt, 
you can help someone who can.
There are so many ways to help an adoptive family.
I will get on it - and make a list for 
those of you who would like take a step and help,
if you have any ideas that I should list  
feel free to leave your idea as a comment!

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Kim K. said...

Well put. It's heart-breaking. I totally agree about being a support for another. I couldn't have gotten through our first year adjustment struggles and medical surgeries for Josie without my fellow SN adoption friends. Amen, sister.


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