Thursday, March 18, 2010

Suburbia meets Farm life

We are so thankful to have been able 
to spend the day with 
some 'new' friends.

Well, okay, we have commented 
on each others blogs,
supported each others adoptions,
prayed for each other!

and have finally met face to face!
and had a great time!
shared a wonderful lunch 
enjoyed the incredible scenery!
(Ohhhh my lands I can't get enough of this guy!)
And new dress up clothes 
that begged to be tried on!
New friendships made,
my big kids loved getting to know almost all of 
And trying new toys with new friends!

 It was so incredibly wonderful and encouraging
to spend the day with this incredible family.
The best part was just sitting in the little girls room
watching the kids play and chatting with my
new girlfriend!
An incredible day to hang out with friends
 who have the same ideals as we do.
To encourage each other and to learn from.
A wonderful day!
And new friendships made!
You know it's good when the kids exchange phone numbers!


Kim K. said...

It's always so much fun to finally meet a faithful blogger in person. Looks like a wonderful day.

April said...


It was wonderful to meet you as well. You have such an amazing family!!!! Its truly a blessing to meet other families who have been through we went through, understand our joys and pain, and just laugh with.... :) I would love to contact you if I have any question ~ stupid or good, comments or just need to talk! You are truly a blessing to everyone you meet!

connie said...

Oh, Jodi, we LOVED our day together! I seriously needed to laugh with you. I can't wait to drive south and do it again! Thank you, thank you for coming to the farm!


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