Sunday, March 7, 2010

How Much God Can Change You

Hello my name is Brady. I am Jodi's eldest son. I thought that I should let you know some stuff about me first. I am 16, am in high school and I try to live my life for God showin Him to everyone, everywhere I go.  God has had a plan for me. That plan started on Christmas day in the year of 1993. He ended up showing me His light this past summer. I never thought I would change as much as I did. I used to live life for myself. Why not? It was my life right? I believe in God but if He forgives us why try to be like Him. Right? But even with it being my life. I needed to find myself. What I was supposed to do. I was scheduled to go on a mission trip with many other Christians, might I say extremely strong Christians. Recently I had been always wanting to follow myself and not seen any reason I would have fun serving others. That's before I met all these wonderful people that changed my life. The one that had the biggest impact on my change of life was a friend named Angel. She was 17 and always found fun in everything she did. I didn't understand how but she did. She had so little with her and her family but her and them all found a way to give, not materials, but time and God's love. They showed me what I could find in God. I was sent down to help them but I can never repay them for how much they helped me. They have changed my life forever and whenever I have a choice of putting others or me first I think of what she would do.   Now my life has changed more than I can imagine. I have better friends. Do better in school. I live my life for God. I have a better life and it's all because I think of others first and try to show God, in anyway possible, from wearing a Christian shirt to telling a random person about God. That is why we are here to give God glory. The only reason I have learned this is because of a few people. Their names are God, Jodi Anderson, Steve Anderson, Bryan Anderson, Smitty, Angel Hernandez, Uncle Jay B and many others who went to Guatemala with me and my sister, or lived there. Thank you all soooooo much! I love you all no matter what happens! :)


The Vest Nest said...

That is so awesome Brady!! I hope to go with you guys in the next year or so when Ross is old enough to experience it. Love your whole family! What a blessing!!

NiHao Nepal said...

Praise God for your story! I know this brings JOY to your mama! There is no greater joy than to see our children walking in the truth! III John 1:4

Amie said...

okay- this is the coolest thing ever! loved this!!! Thank you for sharing this!!


Jay said...

Great post, Brady. It is truly amazing how God has designed that we can find life by losing it in service and self-denial (Matthew 16:24-25). I love you, too.

Jerri said...

Love this Brady! Thanks for sharing.

Valerie said...

Wow Brady, that is an amazing revelation. How proud you make your family and all who know you.

What a gift to learn at such a young age.

You are meant for great things.

Love Valerie


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