Thursday, March 25, 2010

And she's off...

Yesterday, Jailyn had her post-op appointment
with her surgeon.
He is such a sweet man,
and loves our daughter so much!

He admired his work,
and her healing,
impressed by the difference
in her speech already,
he said it will only get better 
as the muscles begin to loosen.

Jailyn is released to her normal 
Pre-school and karate
will be back on the calendar 
next week! 

She is so very excited!
She told Jorja -
"I'll miss you while I'm at school -
but I have to go!
My friends have missed me tooooo long."


Chris said...

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day...

Lucy is still so much on my mind...

Great news for your daughter!!!
It is amazing how quickly these little ones heal, isn't it???

Shea has had 4 surgeries for various cleft palate repairs ( and she also had a v-flap surgery) in the past three years since she has been home with us.

Her progress is simply amazing...
together with the surgeries and her wonderful speech pathologist...she is now a talking machine!! lol

I have enjoyed checking out your blog...
Your family is beautiful!!!

sue said...

Yeah Jailyn. I am so glad that you are healing so quickly. See you in a few weeks.



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