Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday

Our van made one last road trip!
Bryan, Brady, Kenzie, Conner 
and 25 others from church 
went on a ski trip.

And our van with her luggage carrier on
top was needed.
But, the fact that her transmission began slipping
while begin driven up the mountain to the ski slope -
sent every one in stress mode!
She made it all the way home and around town for
another few weeks -
but when the auto shop told us that she would need a
new transmission
(which the one she has is only
2 years old)
and a new rack and pinion steering
(which is also only 2 years old)
we knew...
it is time to put her out of her misery.

She was loyal,
hard working,
and was known and loved by all in 
our town...
all 197,000 miles on her!

And we were blessed with a 
2006 9 passenger Expedition!

We love our Suvie!
Can't wait to take her on a road trip!

Incredibly thankful for Suvie and
for the price that she came with!
We have already had so much fun hauling our family
and friends to soccer games, practices, and youth group!
Praying God will use this vehicle to His glory!

1 comment:

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Our Exped is 7 years old now and hoping for many more!! I only wish we had gotten the XLong one, but at the time we only had 2 kids.


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