Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday

There are so many ways in which I and my family have been blessed.
I thought I would begin sharing some of the ways that God has provided for us 
through the years! 
Share your blessings too! 
Leave a comment about your blessings - or add a Truly Blessed Tuesday post
on your blog and leave your link in the comments!
Join me in praising God for his many blessings!

Bryan's Dad called from his home in Las Vegas a few years ago.
He was going to get a new truck and wanted to give us his truck.
We thought that was so nice - though Bryan's car was just fine -
we couldn't pass down a deal like that!

So Bryan flew to Vegas and drove home with a  new/used 93 Ford Ranger.
The truck sat in our driveway for a few months as we had the title switched
over to Bryan's name and all that good stuff!

Lo and behold!
One Saturday morning Bryan had left early to go to soccer coaching clinic
on the other side of Dallas.
He called from a gas station (we didn't even have cell phones -can you imagine
life before cell phones? :)
His car had totally died!
It was a goner - not worth saving - not worth towing!

Thank the Lord and thank you Grandpa Alex
for the white Ford Ranger sitting in our drive way!

Matthew 6:8,
"... the Lord knows your needs even before you ask of Him."

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