Thursday, February 25, 2010

Give away!

It's about time!

I'm in a funk lately, 
so what a better way to cheer myself up
then to give something away!

This hand made pillow case dress is a 3T,
but I can make it any size -
12m - 6 for you! 

Just leave a comment and your name will be
added to the "hat".

Drawing will be on Monday, March 1st!

Here's another look at this adorable dress,
and an adorable model!
(style may vary slightly) 


Kim K. said...

Darling, darling, darling!! I love pretty things and have a size 3toddler who would look so cute in this type of outfit! Pick me!!

Hugs from another SN adoptive mom!

Jay said...

You would need a lot of pillowcases to make one to fit me. As much as I love the dress--and especially the model--don't pick me!

NiHao Nepal said...


connie said...

Adorable! Hmmm, I'd need a 2T or 4T :)

Susan O said...

So cute! I'm not sure what size I'd need, but if I win, I'll pick a niece and let you know.

Amy in Arizona said...

You know I LOVE the dresses that you make. And now that Presley has outgrown hers, it's time for another Jodi dress!!

gottwins? said...
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gottwins? said...

What a cute idea. A pillow case dress! Pick ME!

Amy said...

Would you send all the way to Australia to me? My little Charis would LOVE wearing that dress! You are an artist Jodi! Love to you and your kiddos from Oz...

jlwynn said...

Too Cute and the model is adorable.
I can't believe you have time to sew with your busy lifestyle. If I win it will go to a good home.
Love ya!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I made A and A pillow cases with Minnie Mouse last summer for our cruise! CUTE!!!

Livin' out loud said...

Me! Me! Me! Pick Me!!!! SOOO cute!!


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