Saturday, January 23, 2010

I want to thank the academy...

okay, so maybe not the academy -

but, I do thank my dear friend Alyson for this award!

I met Alyson 5 1/2 years ago
when she was Brady's 5th grade teacher!
An instant friendship was made!
2 years later Kenzie was blessed to have
Alyson as her 5th grade teacher!
After that year,
Alyson left our school and decided to
be a substitute teacher.
We were so sad!

Last year,  Conner's 4th grade year -
 his teacher was on maternity leave for the first 6 weeks of school
- guess who was Conner's teacher for 6 weeks!

Needless to say...
We love Alyson!

I am honored to have received this award from her,
as she is an inspiration to me!
She is always such a positive person!
Always has a smile and a kind word for whoever
comes near her!

With this award I am supposed to tell you
 7 things about myself
(maybe that you don't already know!)
and then share the award with 7 other bloggers!
(This will be a hard 7 to choose!)

Here are 7 random things about me...

1)  If I had my way I would go to sleep when the sun goes down and
get up before it rises!
I love quiet mornings!  I get up at 5am every day.

2)  My big, ole' puppy and I have an understanding that he can get
up on the bed, as long as Daddy isn't around.

3)  Though I don't think I am OCD, I love to be organized!
Seems the more our family grows - the more organized I need to be!

4)  I love Facebook!
I love hearing from old friends!

5)  I can't stand when my bed is not made in the morning!

6)  I wish I had more time to read books rather then blogs.
Unfortunately, I need silence to concentrate on a book.

7)  I miss my Colorado mountains!
And wish I had a cabin in the mountains and could take
the kids fishing, hiking, or just enjoying the smell of the Evergreen trees.


The 7 people that I award as Beautiful Bloggers...
(I guess I can't give an award to Alyson)


Shonni said...

Thank you so much for this. I pray that I can post soon!

Alyson said...

You're so sweet! I love you Andersons!!! Very impressed with your 5am wake-up time. Maybe someday I'll go to bed early enough to get up well before the sunrise--I do love mornings! Love you Jodie!!


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