Thursday, January 21, 2010


FACT - our mini-van has over 190,000 miles on it.
FACT - our beloved mini-van got a new transmission 2 years ago.
FACT - our mini-van was rebuilt with a new engine 1 year ago.
FACT - our mini-van has suited with 4 new tires 1 month ago.
FACT - our mini-van is burning oil so much that every time I refill
the gas tank, I also have to refill the oil reserve.
FACT - our mini-van has been paid off for over 6 years.
Can you say, "I love not having a car payment!"

FACT - our car has seen better days

and now is the time (okay, Mom and Valerie - I know you are saying
that 2 years ago was the time!)
... anyway,
Now is the time to go van shopping!

I know Mom and Valerie think I should be jumping for
joy that Bryan is finally ready to get a new/used vehicle but,

When we're trying to save money for another adoption is NOT when I
want to have to worry about a car payment.

I know I haven't seen my little guys face,
but he is in my heart
and I want him home.

But, better now then after we get our little guy home
 and I am stranded with six kids!

If anyone has any ideas of how we can get a good deal on a van,
we'd love to hear your ideas.
We would love a vehicle that holds at least 12.
This may not be reasonable -
but that is what we are looking for first.


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