Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday fun!!!

I can't believe my Conner is 11!
1 semester away from middle school!
1 semester away from being part of the
church Youth Group!

Where did my baby go?

(5th birthday!)

(11th birthday!)

He is growing up - and though it is sad...
I am very proud of this guy!

He has been through a lot struggling with
SPD all his life.
He is beginning to come to terms with it and trying
to work through it,
a few weeks ago he told me that he is okay with
having SPD.
"Yah, God doesn't make mistakes!"

He was out of town this weekend,
but called to check in with Mom.
(that's my boy!)
J and J were being super loud and I couldn't
hear Conner.
I told the girls to quiet down,
and he said,
"No Mom , let them giggle!
I miss hearing them giggle!"

I love this kiddo!


Jay said...

I was bragging about Conner to some friends the other day. I am so impressed with the man he is becoming. When are we going on a mission trip together, C.J.?

The Vest Nest said...

Happy Birthday Connor!


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