Saturday, December 5, 2009

New families being made!

I just have to share my excitement with y'all!

Lately, I have had many people asking me about

They have been asking questions like...

What agency did you use?

Who is your social worker?

What is a home study?

Do you know a Dr. who will look over a
certain child's medical file?

I love these questions because
they are not from people who want to hear our story,
(which I am always willing to share,
or I wouldn't have a blog.)
these questions are from people who want to begin
their own journey to their child through
adoption or foster parenting!

I get chills just typing this post!

I can hardly sleep,
knowing that there are
people who are willing to add another chair
to their dining room table.

Who want to squeeze into their car,
so another child can fit.

who may have to make some luxury sacrifice
so another human being can have a loving home,
parents and siblings,
and can have a future.

It's a beautiful thing!

Shonni, I hope you don't mind me sending people your way -
but your family is just beautiful!
Congratulations on your new baby boy!!

If you like following adoption stories
as much as I do...
check these blogs out!
Anton and Christie
finally received the first photos of their daughter!
4 years of waiting,
but ohhhh - she is beautiful!!

DW and Linny
will be traveling to get their sweet Jubilee!
600 days of waiting!
But God is faithful and bringing her home!

Kathleen and hubby
are still doing paperwork to bring their
two daughters home from China!

The adoption journey is not an easy one,
but so rewarding!

1 comment:

Jill said...

AMEN! And I cannot say that enough!!!!
Congrats to all the "new" families!!


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