Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I knew the day would come!

The day came today...


and who, you may ask yourself...

Didn't I tell you she was creative!


But then the truth came out -
Jorja cut her own hair first -
she hid the droppings and
encouraged Jailyn to cut
her hair too.

Oh these two munchkins!
I need to keep a closer eye
on them!


Jill said...

OH NO! Too funny! I would have had a heart attack! You are handling it with such grace!
Awesome girl! Just awesome! How's the finished product on bith girls? LOL!

Jodi Sue said...

Thankfully the cutting is naked to the untrained eye! :)
Jorja's took me a day to even notice - that is when the actual truth came out.

Jodi Sue said...

Jailyn's masterpiece is on the crown of her head - so with her dark hair - it is also unnoticeable! :)
Thank God for small favors! :)

Theresa said...

Sammi did that at about the same age. Hers WAS noticeable - she wore a ponytail on the side of her head for months to hide the bald spot. :( Brad did it too - right up the middle! What fun!

Jay said...

I used Snippy Scissors when I did that. And I've used the story many times. Making memories!

The Vest Nest said...



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