Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trick or Treat and "Happy Thanksgiving"

Yesterday we were able to help deliver Thanksgiving Baskets,
filled with fixin's for Thanksgiving Dinner
to an area in our town that struggles financially.

A story of amazing coincidence
My friend, Christina, organized this outreach,
our small church was able to put together 17 baskets!
(I love our small church!)
First plans for the baskets fell through but
Christina was able to reach out to another
community and they were over
joyed to receive these baskets.

They recently had new residents move in -

and they were short 17 baskets!

I don't think so!

Teenage story!

Brady and his friend, Alex, who had spent the night.
Also saw some friends, A and B from school,
who were not with any other group but were
helping the community managers pass out baskets.

One the way home Brady and Alex told me that
A and B are from another area of town
that is also struggling financially.

What amazing kids!
They need help -
but they are also willing to help others!

Now for the cute story!
Getting every up early on a vacation day was not joyful!
But, after giving out a few baskets -
joy was in abundance!

Jorja was skipping down the streets while holding my hand...
I asked her if this was as fun as Trick or Treating?
She said,
"Yes, Trick or Treating I get cenny (candy)...
today, I say "Happy Thanksgiving,
God Bless you!
This is fun!!!"

Ohhhh! I can't wait to go caroling with this girl!

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

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