Friday, September 25, 2009


Our pastor and his wife, and dear friends,
Brad and Bree
have been blessed with a sweet baby boy,
born in August.
Little Nathanael was born with a rare
genetic disease
called Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome.
This disease causes his white blood cells
unable to fight off infection,
and his platelets are too low
and immature to curb any significant bleeding,
not to mention an increased risk for
leukemia and lymphoma as he grows older.

The Bank family will soon be traveling
to Cincinnati for Nathanael
to receive a bone marrow transplant.
Bree and Nathanael will be seperated from
Brad and big brother Jamison
for 6 months.
We will miss them so much!

Please join us as we pray for this little guy
and his beautiful family!
Feel free to follow their blog as you lift them up
to our mighty God and physician!

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