Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nine extra minutes!

As we are well into the school year I am in charge
of making sure every one is up,
fed and fueled and ready to go for the day!

The problem I am having is that the snooze button is
just so tempting!
I've never been one to use the snooze,
but ohhhh
it looks so good!
(My hubby has always had a special relationship
with his snooze button!
beginning 30-45 minutes before he actually gets up.)

What is the snooze button all about anyway?
The night before I set my alarm and I know when I need to get up -
but every morning when the alarm goes off I think...

"Nine more minutes."

What does nine more minutes mean?

Is it a power struggle?

Just the fact that I can tell the alarm

"No, Shut up!
I get nine more minutes!"

Maybe I can go to bed 9 minutes
earlier and not have this problem!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

You crack me up! Only because I SO relate. I had to quit using the snooze because I'd abuse it and never get up. Good Luck!!


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