Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

My babies are all getting so big!!!

Kenzie is the first one off in the morning
This is her last year in Middle School!
She is ready for a rockin' year!

Conner and Jorja were next!
Conner is excited for a fresh start as
head of the elementary school!
Conner rides his bike to school
and Daddy took Jorja to school.
She went for Bryan with no problem.
(Today for me, she was a bit more attached -
but I'm sure she will be fine!)
Jorja loves being in kindergarten!

And then there is my 10th grader!
Such a good boy!
Brady told me the other day that,
this last summer was his best summer ever!
He wants to spend a full month (or more) in
Guatemala next summer!
He's ready to work hard at school so he
has more opportunities after High School!
oh, I'm sure fun will be had - but he really
is maturing!

Jailyn had a hard day without her brothers and sisters
and was so excited when they came home!


Dee said...

ahh how cute! I sometimes wish that we would have jumped in and sent Ev this year. But, I am sure she will be fine next year too. We did start Chinese School on Saturday.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Glad the day(s) went well!

Tena said...

Saw Conner when he came into the bldg this morning. Great to see him happy and relaxed after his bike ride!


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