Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I love Thursdays!
So many bloggy friends have Thankful Thursday posts -
and they are just fun to read!
I love posting these too - cause even if things aren't
going my way -
I know that I have plenty to be thankful for!

Such as...
Time with Conner this week!

Now that he is the middle child -
the special Mom and Conner time gets put on the back burner!
I have enjoyed watching him take on the
oldest child role this week.
He's done a great job!
And we have been able to have friends over,
do crafts and play board games!
I love my boy and am so very thankful for him!

This silly girl!

Our little cupcake is growing so fast!
She is learning so much!
She is amazing!
We just had our 6 month post adoption visit.
I love these visits -
it makes me take a break from the day to day stuff
to see how far we have all grown
since she has been home!

And our little Princess!
Our social butterfly!

Just incredible! She is beautiful and so smart!
Last week she spelled "green"
in sign language!
We really haven't worked on spelling with her -
but she often asks how to spell certain words.
I guess she is retaining all of this information.

My brother!!!

I'm still amazed that he was willing
to take off 2 weeks of his time to go
to Guatemala with my kids.
He is so incredibly generous.
Before they left Brady told me
that he wants to be like Uncle JB!
I pray that too!

Side note: A team member called his wife at home.
And all is well!
Today they will be sharing the Gospel with school children.
How exciting!
I can't wait to read my kids journals -
they better be writing in them!

There is one more thing that I am always very thankful!
Without it my family would have fewer hot meals!

I love my crock pot!!

Have a great Thursday and remember to be thankful!


Shonni said...

Ohhh, I so understand, I love my slow cooker also!!!

bugs parents said...

I'm thankful for friends met on adoption trips to China!


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