Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer activities

27 more days until we are back to school!
I'm running out of fun, cheap ideas for the kids to do!

I'm tired of getting my day started walking over the loads of laundry,

tip toeing through the scattered toys
(those army men hurt!)

and across the swamp of dog hair.

Jailyn and Jorja love going to the pool,
but really I'm tired of putting my swim suit on.
It seems the elastic is stretching in places
that wasn't in the original design.

The near by park/splash pad is just too hot.
And the big kids get bored quickly!

We do love to go hang out at our local gym,
but have you tried to
leave your kids with the day care providers
who give you that fake smile,
as they say,
"Sure there's room." ...

"We're not at capacity, yet..."

and then as you register them...
"Oh, you have three kids - we only have room for two.
You will have to wait until another child leaves."

Really... if it is that crowded - my kids do not want to go -

"too loud" Jailyn cries while covering her ears.

Jorja just gives me the terrified look that we
got in China when we took her to visit
the orphanage
and she decided she had had enough.

and Conner looks at me and says,
"You know I don't do crowds."

So we end up back at the pool.
Which of course isn't a horrible thing -
but there goes my quiet workout time.

We have done many crafts!
paper mache
lots of gluing and water colors for J & J
play-doh and clay

We've watched movies:
Where the Red Fern Grows
Grease -Kenzie is trying out for this
musical at school this fall.

We've rearranged furniture and began
re-decorating rooms.

We do plan on doing some community service
with some friends next week.
We are planning to go to the community homeless shelter
to play board games and such with these kids.

I love summer but am afraid the kids are getting bored
and just spending too much time in front of the TV and

Do I threaten them?
"If you don't get off the computer we will go
school supply shopping?"

Tell me what are your tricks and how do you keep the kids
busy and engaged during the summer!


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

My kids only get 2 hours of tv and computer during vacation. they ride bikes, play football, and build lego. They also get points for work. Sarah even works. the table gets set, and cleaned by the kids. they do some cooking, and even clean the bathroom. They feed the fish, walk the dog, and even do laundry. The points earn them money. They all buy toys...and that also keeps them busy. We also do about an hour of reading, or math. sarah has her own note book that I keep her "homework" in. Each day I give her a few pages of work. Our vacation is only 6 weeks long, so it doesn't get too bad for us. I'm also thinking of enrolling them in an online book club. It cost 9 euro per month and you can down load 2 books on Mp3. The kids all have little Mp3 players, and I think it's very good if they hear books. Thomas and Nicole also play drums and guitar. they both practice.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

No suggestions just jealous that you number of summer days are still in double digits. We are back in 8 days (well, not counting weekends)! I wish it was later, but we sure did enjoy getting out on May 20! Trade off, I know. Ours love the pool too - sometimes I don't even get in with them - Ally can jump and "swim" to the stairs. Alaina loves it. Having a lifeguard (S) in the family helps too (when she's here). Like I said, no suggestions!!!

Amy in Arizona said...

I am soooo happy that the school district my kids will be going to has year-round school!! But looks like you have done a great job at keeping them entertained. What a great mom you are!!!


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