Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prayers needed!

Prayers are needed for a bloggy friend and her hubby!
I have only recently begun following Linny's blog
A Place Called Simplicity

Their family is amazing and I have enjoyed getting to know them
and am honored to pray for them.

Feel free to read their story on Linny's blog but to make the
story a little shorter...
Linny, DW and son Isaiah are at a hospital in Iowa
(they live in Colorado)
Isaiah has surgery yesterday on his legs.
Today DW has been admitted to the hospital.
After running tests -
he has Hepatitis (not sure what kind yet)

This beautiful family has been through so much in the last six months
but have remained faithful to their Lord and Savior, as He has
remained faithful to them.

Please lift DW, Isaiah, Linny and the rest of the family up in your prayers!
(the rest of the family consists of 9 other kids)

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