Monday, June 29, 2009

Memorial Box Monday

I really don't have a "Memorial Box" like my bloggy friend Linny has,
but I do see God at work in our lives and I do sit back, reflect and
continually thank my God for who he is and
how he makes all things work together!

December 26,2007 we received the call from Karla at Lifeline,
we had been on a wait list for Jorja.
Christmas day was so hard not knowing if God was going to send us down this path,
even though it was everything we wanted!
We had to continue to trust him to close and open doors as He unveiled His plan.
That morning I asked Bryan to please call Karla and see if she knew anything.
Knowing Karla would not be in the office the day after Christmas we thought we would at least leave a message so she knew we were serious. :)
My Mom and Papa Paul were visiting and we went out for a quick errand, while Bryan made the phone call.
I didn't make it out of the neighborhood and Bryan was calling my cell phone...
Karla had stopped by the office just as Bryan was calling...
coincidence? - I don't think so!!
The previous family to look over her records had prayed and prayed over Jorja's photo and file - but they were just not at peace that this was their little girl.
We told Karla to considered her MATCHED! and that began our journey to Jorja!
(FYI - the other family has since found their little treasure!)

December 26, 2008 Bryan and I boarded the plane on our way to China and to our little girl!

December 29, 2008 This this little girl walked into our live and grabbed a hold of our hearts!

She is growing into such a beautiful little girl!
Both inside and outside!
She is learing her ABC's and how to count!
She loves Calender Time, song time and story time.
She loves swimming in the pool or bath tub!
She love just being with her family!

She loves to match outfits with Jailyn,
She loves to do crafts with Kenzie,
She loves to play soccer with Conner,
and she loves to ride on Brady's tall shoulders!

She loves doing anything and with the family!
She loves having a family!

And a silly photo!

Thanks and Praise be to God for bringing this precious little girl into our family!


Amy in Arizona said...

It is amazing how many "coincidences" you find in every adoption story! Jorja's hair is getting long! I love those pictures!! Have a good week!!

connie said...

Jodi, thank you for sharing that huge God moment! His timing is ALWAYS perfect! Jorja is so beautiful, as are all your children. I love bragging on our awesome God!
We are on day 49 and counting in our wait for LOA. It can't go fast enough for us. Our two newest treasures need to come home now!
Blessings to you, my friend!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Alaina has a bow and/headband in her hair ALL the time -- we have to make her take it out for bath/swimming! She SO wants her hair to be long...I don't guess she ever had a choice!


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